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How To Keep Your Dog Busy And Happy Indoors?

Photo by Burst from Pexels  No matter where you live, you’ll most likely encounter days when freezing temperatures, ice and snowstorms, torrential rains, gale force winds or even extreme heat waves keep your dog stuck inside the house. Deprived of their normal walks and outdoor exercise, pups can get restless and bored, which can lead to depression and even destructive behavior. Here are some ways to keep Fido busy and happy – and not bouncing off the walls – when he must stay indoors for extended periods. Treat Puzzles There are many canine toys and puzzles designed to be stuffed with treats, which can keep your dog happily occupied for long periods as she figures out how to extract the delicious morsels. Add...

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How To Keep Your Dog Cool In The Summer Heat?

Photo by Anton Atanasov from Pexels Summer brings with it an expectation of sweltering temperatures, sometimes to the point of danger. As temperatures climb, remember that if you are hot, your pet is probably feeling even hotter. Dogs and cats generate more heat than people and usually also have a thick layer of fur to trap that heat inside. Dr. Christine Rutter, a clinical assistant professor at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, has some tips on identifying signs that your pet may be too hot and suggestions on ways to keep them safe and cool on hot summer days. While people sweat all over to get rid of excess heat, dogs and cats are only able to sweat...

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